Adam Niewidok

Financial Planner

  • Diploma of Financial Services
  • Specialist Accreditation in Gearing and SMSF

My path to FuturePoint Wealth

I began my Financial Services career in Colonial Geared investments, looking after Margin Lending advisers and clients alike. Following that I qualified as a planner, joining MCFP / FinChoice in Gymea.

I’m excited about this new opportunity to partner with Ciaran Davis and Tim Hayman and have our three businesses operating under the FuturePoint Wealth brand. It enables us to share our ideas and resources. It was a fantastic decision for my business.

Why I love what I do

Initially in my career I saw that people were not getting the right financial
advice in relation to their situation. This was one of my fundamental drivers to start a career in financial planning. I want to make sure your financial situation is well looked after and that you’re getting tailor made advice. It’s important to me that you have someone to trust and you’re confident you’re being well looked after.

My favourite career moment so far?

Co-founding FuturePoint Wealth. It represents what we want to do for clients and having my own business and brand is something that’s very special to me.

My top tip

There’s no one answer to the question, how much do I need to retire? It depends on your lifestyle, health, and retirement goals.

A better question to ask is who do I need to retire?

The answer? You and me.

I wish someone had told me that …

The number of red traffic lights in life increases in proportion to how late you are.

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