About Us

Our Process

Step 1.We sound out what’s important to you...​

by listening and understanding your current financial position and how you visualise your perfect financial future. Then we tell you how we can help you achieve it. We also give you a transparent fee schedule for our range of services if you want to go ahead. You’re under no obligation to do so.

Step 2.We tailor your plan...​

by gathering and analysing the research information crucial to designing your plan. Then we create your Statement of Advice (SOA).

Step 3.We walk you through your plan...

at an in-depth presentation. We explain how your SOA outlines our recommended strategies and demonstrate how they meet your specific needs. We give you this blueprint to move forward on your own or we can implement it for you.

Step 4.We put your plan in place...

if you require us to do so. We implement your plan, and we liaise with your chosen superannuation fund and insurers.

Step 5.We educate you into the future...

by monitoring and reviewing your progress on a regular basis to ensure you’re on track to meet your goals. As government policies and external economic factors impact your success, we keep you up to date with the latest news and ensure you’re informed and agile when it comes to changing direction.