Tim Hayman

Financial Planner

  • Master of Commerce (Financial Planning)
  • Advanced Diploma in Financial Planning

My path to FuturePoint Wealth

I left my role as a financial planner with the Commonwealth Bank 2013 to start a MCFP/FinChoice franchise in Blaxland and Penrith. During my time with MCFP / FinChoice we won multiple awards including Adviser of the Year and Practice of the Year. In 2021, we had the opportunity to create FuturePoint Wealth. It’s a wonderful opportunity to grow.

Why I love what I do

I love that I can guide you and your family on your wealth creation journey.  And as a valued expert in your life, I get to watch you reap the rewards from your decisions.

My favourite career moment so far?

I recently introduced a granddaughter and her husband to the benefits of a sound financial plan, including superannuation and insurance advice. Seeing the value, they referred their parents for expertise around retirement strategies. Now I’m also working with the grandparents, providing advice on what to do with proceeds from a property sale to secure their own retirement. It’s so special to invited to be part of generational dreams and achievements.

My top tip

The earlier you put a financial plan together, the more choices you’ll have.

I wish someone had told me that …

The stuff you need first from your suitcase is always at the bottom!

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